Round windproof bath sheet

Round windproof bath sheet

The first round bath sheet that does not fly away

You will be all the rage on the beach with this round bath sheet!

This XXL bath sheet is ideal for sunbathing all summer. You can easily fit 1 or 2 people.

Its terry towel fabric is soft and very pleasant. It guarantees an optimal comfort. To be able to tan for long hours at the beach, you need a soft bath sheet!

Its benefit compared to a round beach towel? Well, it's that it doesn't fly away! Even with a strong wind, our round bath sheet will remain on the ground and will stay perfectly still once laid.

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative technique, based on the ground effect,  the bath sheet stays on the ground without the need for you to fight with it or place pebbles on the edges. Once on the ground, it is perfectly maintained, without curling up.

It is easily transportable, because it folds in no time and fits in its carrying bag. Once folded, it is made very small. Convenient to take it everywhere with you, during your seaside getaways.

When you go to the beach, you also want to be fashionable. Say goodbye to your not very fashionable towel, with an outdated design. In addition to being practical, our Waatea bath sheet is printed with the most beautiful designs, surfing on the trend.

Our team has designed 6 visuals, reminiscent of the beach, the sun and the idleness. Enough to sunbath with class!

regle.png Dimensions : 150 cm or 100 cm        

index.png Accessory : Bag or lanyard

Style : With or without fringes

Fabric : 100% polyester, terry towel finish

Machine washable at 30°

No dryer


  • NAHE
  • Moana
  • MANU
  • NAHE


A special touch: Our bath sheet's bag has a big inside pocket, to be able to store your phone, suncream, sunglasses...

Technical details: our products can be fully disassembled, to be washed easily! Just dislocate the hoop, remove it from the fabric and then you can put your bath sheet in the washing machine. Be careful, no dryer! To assemble it again, it's just as simple: we put the hoop back together, and voilà !

Did you know?  Our models all have a Maori name (the Tahitian language) that describes the bath sheet’s design. For example, Nahe means fern and Manu means bird, in Maori.

Waatea is a range of practical products for all occasions: picnic blanket, coloring mat, kids rug, meditation mat and even pets rug for dogs and cats!

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