Large and soft round kids rug

Large and soft round kids rug

Hours of play with this kids rug to take everywhere!

Waatea has designed the ideal XXL play mat for children over 2 years old: they will be able to drive their little cars or their princesses' carriages on the roads of their imaginary village. 

The roads are wide and adapt to all cars. Hours of games in perspective: “what if we stopped at the grocery shop? Oh, there is no more gas, let’s quickly go to the gas station! Now, a little break by the lake”

Waatea developed a convenient mat for your little ones: you can take it everywhere with you! This way, you ensure hours of play to your children. At friends' houses, on holiday, at grandpa and grandma’s, even in the garden or at the park.

Put this round and soft rug on the floor and it wil remain taut. This way, your toddler won't loose his toys, even if he is playing outdoor !

Its fleece material is soft and pleasant for kids.

regle.png Dimensions : 150 cm or 100 cm

index.png Accessory : Bag

Fabric : 100% polyester, fleece finish          

Machine washable at 30°

No dryer!

  • TAMA


A special touch: This product has been designed to meet the safety standards of children's toys. Our kids rug is certified CE.

Technical details: Available in 2 versions: modern city and world of princesses and kings. Machine washable by disassembling the hoop. Be careful, no dryer!

Did you know? Our models all have a Maori name, the Tahitian language, which describes the design of the kids rug. For example, Tama means child in Maori.

Waatea is a range of practical products for all occasions; bath sheet, picnic blanket, coloring mat, meditation mat and even pets rug for dogs and cats!

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