Soft meditation mat

Soft meditation mat

Feel good with this soft meditation mat

The time has come for relaxation. Since 2019, mindfulness and meditation have been exploding. That’s why Waatea created for you a meditation mat that inspire zen, well-being, concentration.

Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, soft gym, you can do everything with this round and all soft carpet.

Soft, because we have developed a very comfortable velvet effect model, ideal for meditating!

Meditation is practiced everywhere, at any time of the day. This meditation mat is easy to transport, thanks to its matching bag, so that you can enjoy a moment just for you, in a garden, a park, your living room, your bedroom, by the pool ...

Even outdoors, you are guaranteed not to be disturbed by the wind because its unique and innovative design makes your mat windproof! This is called “ground effect”. Once laid on the ground, the mat remains and wind can’t rush under it.

When you have to concentrate and meditate in full consciousness, it's still more convenient. (Practical, this is the meaning of our name Waatea in Maori!)

To adapt to all styles, you can choose between 3 designs, all more zen than each other. Between Ying and Yang, celestial stars and chakras, which one will you choose?

regle.png Dimensions : 150 cm ou 100 cm

index.png Accessory : Bag or lanyard

Fabric : 92% polyester - 8% spandex, velvet finish          

Machine washable at 30°

No dryer!


  • VAEA


A special touch: because convenience is our watchword, you can easily carry your meditation mat thanks to its velvet bag, with a design matching the carpet!

Technical details: The fabric washes very easily. The disassembly is super simple (we want you to stay zen) : just remove the hoop and then place the fabric in the washing machine. Once dry, you can very simply put the structure back.

Did you know? Our models all have a Maori name, the Tahitian language that describes the design of our meditation mat. Vaea means peace, Fetia means the star and Haumana means "peaceful spirit". No doubt your meditation session will be successful!

Waatea is a range of practical products for all occasions; bath sheet, picnic blanket, coloring mat, kids rug and even pets rug for dogs and cats!

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