Pets rug for traveling

Pets rug for traveling

The most convenient pets rug for traveling

At Waatea, we love animals and everything that is convenient, so we designed the travel mat that will follow your fur ball in all its trips!

It will allow pets to feel at home everywhere they go. Dogs and cats have the right to travel too! Take your companion to your friends, your parents, on vacation, his carpet will not be a burden on you.

This mat for dogs and cats to take everywhere is super convenient: easily foldable, it is maintained by its strap of transport and can be stored everywhere.

The large sleeping area invites your animal to lie down on the soft fleece fabric. They love it! Plus, the structure is removable to easily wash the fabric of hair and paw prints.

regle.png Dimensions : 80 cm or 100 cm

index.png Accessory : Bag or lanyard

Fabric : 100% polyester, fleece finish          

Machine washable at 30°

No dryer!




A special touch: It is available in 2 sizes to adapt to the doggies or the kitties, and in 2 very cute designs.

Technical details: 100% polyester with a polar finish, you can choose a carrying bag or a simple transport lanyard.

Did you know? Our models all have a Maori name, the Tahitian language, which describes the design of the pets rug. For example, Amana means “ruler” in Maori (and we all know that cats are the house kings...)

Waatea is a range of practical products for all occasions; bath sheet, picnic blanket, coloring mat, kids rug and meditation mat!

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