Round stain resistant picnic blanket

Round stain resistant picnic blanket

The only round stain resistant picnic blanket

We know that you already experienced it: while you are quietly drinking your cocktail, enjoying a small toast, letting the breeze refresh you... Then, the drama: the toast slips out of your hands, obviously falls on the wrong side, and you end up with cheese and tomatoes spread on the blanket...

No more picnics will be ruined with the Waatea stain resistant picnic blanket!

There's nothing more frustrating than tomato sauce stains that won't come out on your old blanket. We've found the solution: no stains will damage your beautiful Waatea picnic blanket! Thanks to its waterproof and stain resistant material, the Waatea picnic blanket becomes the number one ally for your family outings! Once installed on the ground, it stays perfectly taut and wrinkle-free.

With its XXL size once unfolded, you can easily hold together and place in addition your packed lunch, dishes and drink.

Easily transport your picnic blanket thanks to its ingenious system: it folds in a few movements and is maintained thanks to its lanyard. Once folded, it takes no place in the car.

regle.png Dimensions : 150 cm or 100 cm          

index.png Accessory : Bag or lanyard

Fabric : 100% polyester, waterproof finish          

Machine washable at 30°

No dryer!



A special touch: Ideal for trips to the countryside, its 2 iconic models recall the traditional picnic blanket and French culture. Rather vichy or frenchy?

Technical details: Its material, which is not plastic but polyester, is convenient because it is waterproof and anti-stain! It comes in 2 sizes for small or large families.

You can still put it in a washing machine thanks to the ingenious system that allows you to remove the hoop and wash only the fabric. To reassemble it, it is just as simple, you can easily put the hoop back and go for lunch another time in the meadows or by a lake!

Did you know? Our products all have a Maori name, the Tahitian language, which describes the design of the tablecloth. For example Pikiniki means Picnic in Maori! (yes, you will be able to shine at the next brunch)

Waatea is a range of practical products for all occasions; bath sheet, coloring mat, kids rug, meditation mat and even pet rugs for dogs and cats!

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